Kentucky State Fair Homebrew Beer Online System
Entry Deadline: July 11
Late Entry Deadline: July 18
Entry Fee Details
$5 per entry through July 11
Late Entry Fee Details
$16 per entry through July 18
Steps to Enter Online
Before submitting your entry, please read the 2023 Premium Book and General Rules located on the Fair website here: Arrival and release times for each department are listed in the Premium Book.
1. At the top left of this webpage, click “Register”. Fill in all required fields. If you have not registered this year, select “I am a new exhibitor or have yet to register this year”. A valid social security number or Tax ID must be entered to receive a premium check. Proceed to step 2, Entries.
2. Select the proper division and class number for each entry. Make a separate entry for each items.
3. Exhibitors are allowed to purchase one book  of  exhibitor ticket  which include 11 tickets in each book for admission and parking to the Kentucky State Fair. Tickets can only be purchased through the online system at time of initial entry. Your exhibitor entry fee is also presented on this page. Press continue at the bottom to proceed to Step 4, Review.
4. Review all items in your cart. Confirm you have an entry for each respective item you plan to submit. You can save your cart for later or press check-out to continue to Step 5, Pay.
5. Enter in your credit or debit card information as well as billing information and press continue to Step 6, Confirm.
6. To confirm your information and type “Yes” in the signature field, and press submit.
7. Congratulations, you have entered in all your information and successfully submitted your entry! Print a detailed receipt for your records and press finish to have a copy emailed to your personal email.
Additional Items
      • Homebrew beer is now only open to exhibitors 21 years of age or older
If you have any questions, please contact the Entry Department at (502)367-5200.